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Welcome to "Herbalist and Herbs" the home of Harry Chrissakis, Medical Herbalist.

This site is designed to give an overview of Harry's day to day clinical practice and educate people about his approach to "Natural Healing."

Although Harry is a trained herbalist, the application of Natural Medicine is wider, including herbs, supplements, nutraceuticals, diet, nutritional agents, mild forms of exercise and water therapy and if necessary, therapeutic bodywork.

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Connecting with Harry is easy as he sees clients face to face in his multiple office locations or through skype or phone consultations. 

The range of problems Harry works with is diverse, but the main focus is chronic and or life threatening illnesses; Cancer, Heart Disease, Diabetes and Weight Disorders. 

In working with patients that have a diagnosed disease, Harry prefers that they also be seeing an M.D.  A doctors' involvement is invaluable in the healing process.

The use of scientific diagnostic technology is a necessary part of protocol.

In the approach of Natural Healing the complexity of the disorder is matched by the intelligence and strategy of the protocol. 

Each person is worked with individually. It may be breast cancer, but people are very different in their profiles. Diagnostic testing can prove this objectively.

In working with his clients, part of Harry's approach is education.

"A patient who knows what is he/she doing and why; becomes self-empowered."
This plays a very powerful part in the healing process.

If you choose to work with Harry, consultations are approximately 4-6 weeks apart. 

Sending Harry as much information as possible that relates to your disorder and preparing your questions in advance to consultation is a great aid to both,  the patient and Harry.

The intent of Natural Healing is simple; to get people back into their lives as quickly as possible so that they can work and play to the extent they wish. 

In Harry's own words: "There are few joys that match the sight of a person recovering from a serious problem."

This website contains numerous original articles written by Harry, ranging in subject from Breast Cancer to Therapeutic Baths. 

There is also a synopsis of Harry's educational background and his basic philosophy of Natural Healing.

"Natural Medicine dovetails perfectly with standard practice allopathic medicine.  The use of plant medicines, supplements and diet have a vast amount of data to prove this. As the healing sciences continue to evolve and expand, the intergration of natural healing into allopathic medicine seems inevitable. The fact is they are way better together than either alone."

~ Harry Chrissakis, M.H., M.T., Natural Healing ~

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